Sunday, February 28, 2010


10:06 (all times CDT) Just a few hours to go now. AK is still sleeping but I am up and ready. To keep consistent, I will be wearing my old Hockey Canada shirt and watching on NBC.

1:49pm- Get this skiing garbage off my tv. Lets see Sidney and his muscular legs!

1:51pm- AK is almost done with the perogies. Carbo-loading before the big game!

1:56pm- Ok, I am done with Shaun White. He can go back to being a dumb ginger. HOCKEY NOW. This is why people laugh at you, NBC.

2:02pm- DON CHERRY! Nice to see you, and I love the "Katy Bar the Door" reference. LOVE IT. Syrup-suckers?

2:03pm- Lulongo? Nice. What does Milbury know? He traded Luongo for a bag of pucks.

2:04pm- Nice commercials for the USPS (scary clown doll) and Clash of the Titans. AK has seen Sam Worthington and will likely be distracted til the 2nd period.

2:05pm- Good breakdown of who you play for Langenbrunner. I miss Ryan Smyth's interviews.

2:09pm- Eddie O. can't afford a shirt and tie?

2:1opm- Enough Miracle already.

2:13pm- Enough Salt Lake, too. Play this f#$%in' game.


2:19pm- Was that BC commercial just like the California commerical?

2:20pm- Bill McCreary in stripes. Good deal.

2:21pm- Eat their babies Canada.

2:22pm- Good game call by Emrick thus far.

2:24pm- Good cycle but Canada looks flat and tight.

2:27pm- Doughty is in the game.

2:29pm-Both sides a little tentative thus far. Good US forecheck. We need more Richards and Toews.

2:31- Lay off the stick checks Sid, move your feet and catch that guy.

2:33- We need traffic in front of Miller.

2:36- Period half over. Canada needs a little momentum. Eddie O. offering excellent insight.

2:39- Dear Canada, make short, crisp passes up ice.

2:40- Dear Toews, come have sex with my wife anytime. Spealing of which, I am going to watch her shower for a quick second.

2:41- Put the pressure on guys.

2:42: Dirty play by Ryan there, imo. Back from the shower, good stuff there.

2:43- Nice PK by Team USA. Did Perry back off on that forecheck to avoid a hit?

2:45- Keep that in the zone Boyle. Puck is really bouncing out there. PP is underwhelming.

2:47- Where has Nash been? We need him.

2:50- Did Emrick just say 5 shots AND 5 scoring chances for Team USA? Or did I not understand him...?

2:51- I don't like Bergeron on the ice in any situation for Canada.

2:53- "The probing has continued..." Sounds like my college dates. In hockey news, I like Pronger and Niedermayer on the ice in the last minute. Calm feet down there.

2:53- Fisticuffs! Eat glove Johnson.

3:00- Good work by the NBC crew thus far. Even Milbury isn't driving me nuts. Just occurred to me that Grapes was interviewed in front of the CBC logo. I wonder if CTV likes that?

3:00- Tim Horton's break!

3:04- The Office has a baby episode this week. I love the show, but think it might be done. Lost its edge and Parks and Rec eats its' lunch these days.

3:07- Second period action about to start.

3:09- Ohhhh Iggy. Bury that one!

3:10- Need a better PP this time. Good call there, was a legit high stick.

3:12- Better PP. Yankees doing a good job on the shot blocks.

3:14- We knew this even-up call was coming, but looks like the right call. Staal impeded the progress there.

3:15- Good kill so far. Bergeron even looks ok. Makes me nervous all the same.

3:16- I promise I will never say anything bad about Corey Perry again. BURIED IT. Dear Corey, come have sex with my with when Toews is done with her.

3:18- Orpik hits like a train. Lucky that was offsides.

3:20- Tough luck for Toews. He got a little excited and took Suter down.

3:21- Nash is on his game now. Good hustle there. We need it. Don't let those dudes in the crease like that.

3:22- If Bergeron is supposed to be the faceoff guy he has to stop getting thrown out. Also, clear the damn zone if you have the chance.

3:23- Oh mama, that puck was laying there!

3:23- I like the set-up of the US pp, having just seen it on the replay.

3:27- I think we need a tougher forecheck. Oh man, Kane scores on a squeaker deflection. My mistake, Kesler deflected it.

3:29- Big save, Luongo on Parise. Big, big save.

3:30- That goal was OFFSIDE!

3:33- Nice save from Miller.

3:34- Oh man, just wide.

3:35- Big chances at both ends. Back and forth action now. Very tense at the KK household.

3:38- Last minute of play in the 2nd. What the heck happened there! I want to see the Staal replay.

3:45- Milbury makes a good point (Amazing!). Canada needs to get back on the attack.

3:48- I prefer the term "dressing room" over "locker room". Wanted to get that out there.

3:55- We are back live. Nice shot block by Duncan Keith.

3:56- The utility pole to the left? Why not just say "the post" Emrick?

3:57- TWO POSTS!

3:58- The Sharks line is not impressing me. That said, Canada is surging like President Bush in Iraq.

4:00- Big save Miller!

4:02- For a big dude Thornton shows no desire to fight through checks.

4:05- We need the vets to step up, put some pressure on!

4:07- Anaheim line still looks solid, and Niedermayer has been real good all game. Nice veteran presence.

4:08- Eddie O. mentions that Drury hasn't seen the ice yet this period and might be hurt from a shot block.

4:10- Oh Heater, you gotta bury that one.

4:11- Bad turnover by Getzlaf. Drury back on the ice. Luongo freezes the play.

4:12- Puck was rolling on Heatley, couldn't get it up. Thats what she said. (oblig).

4:13- Screen goes black. WTF NBC?

4:14- Our faceoff specialist Bergeron is not doing so well on the dot.

4:15- Pronger is a calming presence.

4:17- Big save Luongo on a defensive zone breakdown.

4:18- SHUT UP ABOUT SHAUN WHITE. Thanks, me.

4:19- Is Pronger coming off the ice?

4:22- Oh Sid, so close!

4:23- When does the goalie come out?

4:24- Nice hustle by Kane on the Crosby chance.

4:25- Sweet pass by Niedermayer, goalie is out. Faceoff in Canada's zone. TENSE, TENSE, TENSE.

4:26- Nice nose pick by Getzlaf before his face-off win.

4:27- Time out Canada.

4:28- OMG.

4:33: Going to hide under a blanket somewhere.


4:54- Whale of a game. I can breathe again and am out from the covers.

4:55- Good news. Am staying married to my Yankee wife and am not moving back to Canada.

4:55- Do the ice girls need to be out there?

4:56- Dear Sid, come have sex with AK anytime.

4:56- Did I mention, PHEW?

4:57- Hats off to Team USA and Ryan Miller. Nice play Iggy and Sid.

4:58- Not the game I expected at all. Both sides were tight and nervous. Tough looking at the USA guys, they look pretty glum.

5:00- Is that Sid's mom?

5:01- AK's big concern is the haircuts.

5:03- B+ to both teams. Am sorry I slagged Niedermayer and Pronger, they played well. Still don't think Thornton, Marleau aren't big gamers.

5:04- Team USA did well to get here, they weren't expected to do much.

5:04- Can't we get some tarty medal presenter chicks? Come on CANADA!

5:06- Nice ovation for Ryan Miller. Classy Vancouver. Couldn't Jonathan Quick brush his hair. AK has the hots for Bobby Ryan.

5:07- Now I can go back to disliking Perry, Pronger and Heatley. Good times. The bad news, Oilers hockey is back.

5:08- Thornton and Marleau are still pussies. I want Marleau's SK status revoked.

5:09- Who is the glass banger behind Sid? MEOW.

5:10- ANTHEM TIME! AK likes the Mounties. (Calls them Mount-mes).

5:11- I hope they didn't save up for those fireworks.

5:12- Nice work to NBC's crew. They did a good job, despite harping on Luongo's faults.

5:13- I think I just saw Bergeron lose another faceoff.

5:14- Poor Miller. Let the guy go to the dressing room. It has to be tough to stand there and answer asinine questions. Good answere despite the ass-questions.

5:15- Where is the Molson and cigars?

5:17- This guy interviewing Sid is brutal. Who asks about shot philosophy? They let Conan go and kept this clown?

5:25- Ok, last post. Thanks for reading! Adding a couple pics asap.

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