Saturday, February 27, 2010

We're live-tweeting the new LEGEND OF THE SEEKER (Episode 2x13 "Princess")!

Join us on Twitter at 4pm CDT -  All done!  Here is what we had to say (in reverse order - start at the bottom):

  1. GREAT episode. Thanks for reading!
  2. Next week on #LOTS: Rerun.
  3. But don't dispair, your majesty. You'll always have me." 
  5. "DICK!"  or "PRICK!" ?
  6. Fun costumes? Check. Pithy writing? Check. A myriad of fighting scenes? Yep, it's all in a day's work for "Legend of the Seeker."
  7. The old "dinner knife under the napkin" move. Good work, Richard.
  8. If this guy doesn't want to bang Cara, Kyle is willing.
  9. The Keeper has blood?
  10. Ooh, Sister Nicci, sex nun.
  11. "Oh, this liver I just cut out of this animal and ate raw? It'll make you horny. Seriously. No really."
  12. I have to imdb the guy who plays Zedd's suitor. He's terrif.
  13. Great camera angle on Cara when she tells Bruce that she doesn't need an agiel to get a man to beg for mercy.
  14. And now, TO THE HUNT.
  15. "Why shouldn't I have a plaything that's mine?" That's what I told Kyle when we got engaged.
  16. I can't even think of anything funnier to say than what's happening on screen with Richard and this blonde chick.
  17. I want every stitch of Tab's costume. I'd wear it to work.
  18. That red-headed chick is a bitch. Time to pull out the red leather, Cara.
  19. I hope that's Craig Horner's pickup nod in real life. FUCKING FUNNY. 
  20. I think Tab has the coolest voice. She should do voiceover work. Or work as a sex phone operator. 
  21. Turns out Cara knows how to rhyme when she talks about torturing.
  22. Boobs = 1. Poems = 0. 
  23. He's willing to give him a tour of the dungeon in order to have a tour of Zedd's dungeon.
  24. Subtle hanky drop. *SHE SLAMS IT TO THE GROUND* 
  25. This is the anti-girl power kingdom.
  26. "There are only five guards. If you can get them in the cell, I can take them." No problem, Kahlan. 
  27. Cara's facial expressions are totally stealing this episode.
  28. I can't stop laughing at gigantic Zedd in his too-short dress. 
  29. Kyle likes how they named the prince Rodderick. Because he's a big dick. Get it? Me neither.
  30. Cara curtsying - TOO FUNNY! They need to have these kinds of episodes more often. 
  31. Is it just me, or does Richard in a blonde wig look like Keith Urban? 
  32. Kyle just said, "Dear Tabby, What's Up? Call me. KK" 
  33. Subjective, diminutive Cara? Awesomely hilarious!
  34. If Richard ever finds The Stone of Tears, he could be in a conditioner commercial. And Cara could be the face of L'Oreal-Midlands.
  35. Cara as a Princess! Plus, a sweet eye roll.
  36. This is a common fairy tale theme. A princess and prince are betrothed any one of them is switcherooed before the wedding. 
  37. How did Zedd find out about the Margrave's deal? 
  38. This is an axis - I mean triangle - of evil. The Sisters of the Dark, The Margrave, The Keeper. Plus, Darken Rahl. So a square of evil. 
  39. Bridget Regan has insane legs. And insane boots. Super jealous. 
  40. He keeps his wife locked up in a dungeon? Kinky. 
  41. I love Kahlan's hair. I have curly hair, and when I straighten it, it doesn't look anywhere near as good. 
  42. Ooh, a place where magic doesn't work...including confessor power!
  43. Once again, the quest for the Stone of Tears is delayed. This time, by flying monkeys...I mean, gars. 
  44. They love bringing people back in other bodies. Way to raise the casting count! 
  45. More Sisters of the Dark, more forehead bedazzling.

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