Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mrs. Amanda Picture Recaps V (Espisode 1x5 "Welcome to the War")

V IS BACK!  Here is what happened in the latest episode:

Father Jack (Joel Gretsch) graciously gets stabbed in the stomach in episode 4 in order to quickly bring us up to speed in episode 5 as to what is good and what is bad.

This is Your Opinion of HOW TO MAKE IT IN AMERICA, Episode 4

As you may have surmised, AK and I are a little late to the party in terms of when we get to see How To Make It In America. We missed Episode 4 and it took a couple of weeks until one of us remembered to record in on our DVR.

TV Crossover

I was recently reading an article entitled 12 Actresses You Should Know Better and happened to notice Ellie Kemper (from The Office) on the list. Little did I know she was the star of one of the most popular internet videos at my law school. Yes, she was the BJ Girl.

Years later, this video is still hilarious AND cringe worthy. Well played Miss Kemper.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Where Have All the Jumpy Attacks Gone? (on LEGEND OF THE SEEKER)

This week's Legend of the Seeker clipisode, "Creator" reminded me of some awesomeness that we haven't seen in a while: the Richard Jumpy Attack.
Frankly, Craig rocks the stretch pants and riding boots look better than I do.

Here's another one to wet your whistle (although he's not attacking here, only jumping):
 Richard Cypher: Able to leap off tall buildings in a single bound.

Consider this post my one-person petition to bring back the Jumpy Attack.  Who's with me?

This is Your Opinion of Episode 3 of THE PACIFIC, in Haiku

Marines in Melbourne
Leckie gets laid, then gets dumped.
Marines sail away.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Mrs. Amanda Decides If An Actor Can Actually Leave TV for the Movies

If you watch Parks and Rec, you may have heard that Paul Schneider/aka Mark Brendanawicz is leaving to pursue his movie career. While Paul’s current movie resume is actually pretty impressive (Lars and the Real Girl and The Assassination of Jesse James are on the list), let’s see how well this move has worked for other actors in the past. 

Weekly Caption Contest: Win a Free Song

I (Kyle) am feeling super Canadian today. Women's curling is on TSN, my friends from Winnipeg are in town to play some hockey, the Oilers have inexplicably won some games recently and I am hungover. Just like old times.

In the spirit of things, I am jumping on AK's bandwagon (that's what she said?) and running not one, but two caption contests today. The first features two former interests of mine; Canadian politics and beer, as Prime Minister Stephen Harper accepts beer from the American ambassador (David Jacobson) to Canada after winning the bet on the Olympic gold medal hockey game.

Which way to sorority row?

If you are smart enough to tie your shoes, you can easily beat my lame attempt. The winner of this contest will receive the Canadian song of their choice from iTunes. You can even pick Celine and anyone can enter, even Drew Mindell.

Contest closes Monday morning, 10:00 a.m. Central. Good luck!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

This Is Your Opinion on MODERN FAMILY (Season 1, Episode 18)

Wednesday night is fast becoming ABC's version of must-see tv, anchored by three surprisingly strong sitcoms. AK and I watch The Middle, Modern Family and Cougar Town on a regular basis and we typically find Modern Family to be the class of the bunch.

This Is Your Opinion on Hot Curling Chicks

I ran a post yesterday about Jennifer Jones and her hotness. Seeing as how it received enough clicks to get me into actual triple digits (Yes, more than 500!) I am going to continue with some photo goodness.

Today's lovely is Eve Muirhead. You may remember her from the Olympics, where she was representing the United Kingdom. Free from the shackles of her English oppressors, the nattily coiffed Muirhead is in Saskatchewan (only four hours from where I used to sleep as a teenager) representing Scotland.

This isn't the only thing she can do with a straight face.

Enjoy your time in Saskatchewan, Eve. If you want to go to Fillmore and sleep in my bed, that's cool. Send pics. Le rarrr.

Mrs. Amanda Recaps CRIMINAL MINDS (Episode 5x7, "The Performer")

This week’s Criminal Minds was a repeat, but I felt like recapping something, so this is it. Before I begin, though, here is what my sister Erica (you know, she casts the show) had to say:

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Today is Steve McQueen's Birthday

Since he isn't alive to celebrate it, you should do it for him.  In honor of McQueen, you should all go out and rent The Magnificent Seven, one of the super-awesomest westerns ever.  If you don't agree with my assessment of the movie, you need to watch it over and over again until you do because seriously, it's way cool.
Man, I love cowboys almost as much as firemen.  
Not too many dudes can rock a neckerchief and still look straight.

My (Amanda)'s Mom Sent Me This Email and Guilted Me Into Posting It Because I'm a Sucker and Cry Over the Opening Credits of "Extreme Home Makeover"

I know you like to review shows for your website, but this was something on TV news last night I thought provides an interesting perspective on a couple of fronts. This police officer, Chris Dewey, was shot in the head over a year ago and has been in rehabilitation ever since. His wife wants to move him into her parents home so they can care for him, but their house needs an extreme makeover to accommodate all of the equipment and such that he needs. They have applied to ABC's Extreme Home Makeover, but have not heard anything yet.
But interestingly enough, thanks to Facebook, people have signed up to follow the story. It costs $5 to do so, and so far, they've raised $350,000 for his medical care and to help remodel the house. So they may not need ABC after all.

This Is Your Opinion on Hot Chicks in Curling

Friend-of-the-blog Marc was kind of enough to send over some photos from the Ford World Women's Curling Championships, currently being held in my home province of Saskatchewan.

Since the photos and commentaries we ran on Olympic curling were so popular, I figured we might as well do the same with the World Women's. In the spirit of that decision, lets start with the hottest of them all, Jennifer Jones.

You want to put what where?

For purposes of disclosure, I would like to do several mildly illegal things to her, culminating with a 3-lettered act that is unspeakable here. My friend Donny Salamone knows what I'm talkin' 'bout.

Have a great day and keep that win streak alive JJ! We (I) salute you!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

This Is Your Opinion on Sweet Movies We Forgot About: EURO TRIP

AK roped me in with the lean Michelle Trachtenberg is using.

A few years back I was in law school, which meant long, long days playing Madden and longer nights drinking and watching movies. One of our favourites was a little seen (a true crime, if you ask me) film called Euro Trip. In the spirit of the old National Lampoon Vacation movies, this gem features a trip with some exotic locales, a few game attempts at comedy, copious toplessness, a few wangs, Michelle Trachtenberg and MATT DAMON.

This looks like basically every one of my vacation photos.

Monday, March 22, 2010

This Is Your Opinion of THE PACIFIC: Episode 2

Although AK was less than excited about the second episode of The Pacific, I was at least moderately interested. I figured that after a ho-hum start, the series would delve a little deeper into the characters and be forced to improve.

You WILL watch The Pacific!

For Your Entertainment: ND Flood Watch Part Whatever-Number-We're-On

Well, the Red River crested today in Fargo, which means that Grand Forks shouldn't be much farther behind.  Here are today's photos.  As you will see, the water is up from Friday, but it's not touching the wall.  It's raining a little bit today, which may affect it a tiny bit, but not enough to matter.

The Midwest is Rockin', y'all.

Check out the (world's raddest) video about Fosston, Minnesota:

Remember Beth Grant in the CRIMINAL MINDS Episode "Mosley Lane?"

She won an award!  Click here to refresh your memory as her role in Criminal Minds.

To unabashedly copy from

The Chlotrudis Society for Independent Film honored character actress Beth Grant with the “Career-so-far’’ award at its annual ceremony yesterday at the Brattle Theatre. Grant’s face should look familiar. She’s had small roles in a number of high-profile films and television series including “No Country for Old Men,’’ “Rain Man,’’ “Little Miss Sunshine,’’ “Donnie Darko,’’ and “Crazy Heart.’’ (We’re partial to her performance as Dwight’s baby sitter on “The Office.’’) Grant flew in from Los Angeles for the festivities. According to the Internet Movie Database, the award recipient will soon be seen in a film about assassins starring Emilie de Ravin, Ellen Barkin, and Zach Galifianakis of “The Hangover.’’

Here is the picture from the article (taken by Josh Reynolds for the Boston Globe):
(She really looks so unpsychotic normal in real life)

KK Updates His List

I am really a pretty fickle dude at heart. My only redeeming quality is used up on hockey. I have been steadfastly loyal to the Edmonton Oilers through thick and thin (mostly thin), for nearly my entire life. I still watch them now, despite their fantastic level of suck. I have an Oilers recliner, a belt-buckle and a home full of posters, pictures and clothes. I am even traveling to Dallas to watch them lose a hockey game. That's loyalty, brother.

So, with that in mind, I will ask you to forgive me one indulgence of changing MY LIST at the drop of a hat.

New to the list this week is Krysten Ritter, debuting at #2 (Sorry Nasim. Blame Erica, who refuses to introduce us). This lovely is currently starring (or should be starring) in She's Out of My League (our review here) and is all that is hotness. I am going to call her Kritter for short, she will think its cute.

(Those are my hands, shown actual size.)

On the outs is Heike Makatsch, just because I felt like picking on a foreigner today.

Dear Heike, welcome to Dumpsville, population YOU.

AK, please update MY LIST accordingly.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

We Salute You, Guest Actor Michael Nouri!

Ahh, another flashback guest actor this week.  Remember Flashdance?

That handsome gent is an actor named Michael Nouri.  Michael has been in about a zillion things - you may also remember him in The Proposal as the guy who tells Sandra Bullock that she has to go back to Canada, or in Law & Order as the doctor who harvest organs while people are still alive:

Michael appeared this week on Legend of the Seeker as Kahlan's father.  

Kyle and I thought he did a wonderful job (as always) portraying a man who is both an imposing figure and a loving parent.  Plus, he has a cool voice.  Good work, Michael Nouri.

Are The Chinese Trying To Tell Us Something?

AK and I went out for Chinese at lunch the other day, and we both received the exact same fortune.
Now, are the Chinese trying to tell us we are just plain old average? I thought fortune cookies were supposed to be uplifting and provide a positive message, not just "you'll do". Come on.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Great Moments in Womanhood - brought to you by SHE'S OUT OF MY LEAGUE

We have all done this.  You have on your favorite push-up bra or are wearing a low-cut shirt and a guy walks by and you push the ladies out.  But not in the super-obvious-pin-up-shoulders-way-back kind of way.  Nope, instead you do the ultimate secret girl move: you tighten your neck, take a deep breath breath and push your shoulders down slightly.  Amazingly, this works brilliantly.  It makes you look like you have gigantic ta-tas without giving away the fact that you're showing them off.  Men are none the wiser.

A New Business Idea

With the recent revelation that Jesse James was cheating on Sandra Bullock, and his subsequent apology, it occurred to me that perhaps AK and I were missing out on a fantastic business opportunity: A one-stop infidelity apology shop.

AK is a marketing and public relations genius, and I am a skeevy lawyer-of-sorts. To me, that seems like a perfect mix to run an online, off-shore store where cheaters can buy a tailor made apology for their significant other. It will be cheaper than Kobe's ring and likely more sincere.

Here is a sample of what we will offer:

Dear Baby/Insert Name here, I am sooooooooooo sorry. I have no idea what I was thinking boning that skank. I mean yeah, she is hot as balls and easy as pie, but other than that, I don't know what I saw in her. Well, besides me I mean. Ha ha, just jokes baby.

I am truly sorry for getting, I mean truly sorry for the pain and anguish I have caused my family and most of all, my wife/girlfriend/beard. I had no idea that people would be watching everything I did and that some broads would want to do me just to get famous. I mean, who saw this coming? I thought that Tiger deal was an isolated incident. (Yo Tiger, lets hang out sometime dude, there is the mad hot waitress at the Waffle House by my house).

To sum up, please don't stop watching my show. I am really a nice guy and I PROMISE I won't cheat again. Seriously, you can take that to the bank yo. Yo baby, what time is Tool Academy On.

Sincerely, I.M. Cheater

So, if you find yourself in a stick situation (pun intended), call or write us and you too will have a sweet apology letter/speech in no time flat.

Kyle out.

Friday, March 19, 2010

This Is Your Opinion on SHE'S OUT OF MY LEAGUE

After a run of some pretty forgetful movies, AK and I were excited to see She's Out of My League. Our friend/guest reviewer Marc saw it a couple of nights ago and liked it, and so we checked it out last night and walked out of the theatre satisfied. Here is your opinion of the film (SPOILER ALERTS!):

For Your Entertainment: North Dakota Flood Watch 2010 Part V

It's cold today.  Not like North Dakota Winter cold...but after a lovely spring week, 25 degrees feel cold.  The temperature dropped enough to produce a light dusting of snow overnight.  Boo.

Here are today's pictures.  I know they don't look like much, but you can see how much the river rose overnight if you compare the space under the bridge from yesterday to today.

Screencap-tion Contest of the Week!

I had to ask a co-worker to pick this one because I was on the fence about 3 of them.  So, WE HAVE A WINNER!  Congratulations to aimsleydale with:

Oh God Richard, please stop talking about your wig.  No one can tell it's a piece, jeez.
Aimsleydale, please send me your episode selection/email address via the contact link on the right side of this blog.  And everyone else, please come back on Friday for the next Screencap-tion Contest!

This week's screencap-tion contest comes courtesy of Legend of the Seeker episode 1x18 "Mirror."  In honor of LotS's current fight for a third season, we are giving away one iTunes episode of the show to the person who can beat our caption for the photo below by Monday, March 22.  Good luck!

(Oh, and if you don't watch Seeker, click here to learn why you should).

BRIDGET: Ugh, I should have stuck to Broadway.

We Salute You, Guest Actor Martha Plimpton!

If you were born in the late 1970s or early 1980s, you know who Martha Plimpton is.  For the rest of you, this is Martha circa 1985 (far right).
I carried around an inhaler for 3 months in the 6th grade because of this movie.

As Kyle already told you, we're giving How To Make It In America a go.  I'm starting to get into it, partially thanks to the emergence of Martha as the sharp-tongued interior decorator/boss in the episode "Paper, Denim + Dollars."

Her best line?  "Any ambitious do-gooder with airfare can feel like they are making a difference in Africa.  It's AFRICA."  You're awesome, Martha.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Ten Reasons To Watch Legend of the Seeker

Kyle and I love the show Legend of the Seeker, and we can’t figure out why more people (including our real-life FRIENDS, who are stupidfaces) don’t watch it. Maybe because it plays on Saturday afternoons? Maybe because the title doesn’t include the word “CSI?”

Whatever the reason, we think you – YOU, our lovely readers – should give it a try. Here are ten reasons why you should tune into Legend of the Seeker (ABC Saturdays at 5:00pm EST): 

1. If you like The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter, this show is for you. It has all of the elements of a good story: Adventure, romance, magic, and an evil wizard trying to take over the world.
 There’s even a quest!  Does Scrubs have a quest?  Nope.

This Is Marc's Opinion on She's Out of My League

AK and I are going to see She's Out of My League tonight. Our friend Marc and his girlfriend Kari saw it last night. Here is Marc's review:

This Is Your Opinion on How To Make It In America: Episode 3 (Paper, Denim + Dollars)

As we are trying to get caught up on How To Make It In America, we have the luxury of watching several episodes at once. Monday night's back to back action saw us watch Episode 3 as the night-cap, and true to form, Paper, Denim and Dollars was better than Episode 2.

For Your Entertainment: North Dakota Flood Watch 2010 Part IV

Not much to report today - just a higher water level on the Red River...

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Curse of the Best Actress Oscar

Over the years, there have been rumblings around the celebrity gossip blogs that a curse exists on the Best Actress Oscar, in that every winner in the past few years has gotten divorced.  Let's examine this, shall we?

Hilary Swank won for Boys Don't Cry in 1999 and Million Dollar Baby in 2004.  She and her husband Chad Lowe divorced in 2006.

Halle Berry won for Monster's Ball in 2001.  She and her (cheatin') husband Eric Benet divorced in 2003.
(A side note: Nicole Kidman was also nominated in 2001 for Moulin Rouge. She and Tom Cruise divorced that same year.)

Charlize Theron won for Monster in 2003.  Although not married, Charlize and her longtime boyfriend Stuart Townsend broke up earlier this year after dating for 9 years.

Reese Witherspoon won for Walk the Line in 2005.  She and her (cheatin') husband Ryan Philippe divorced in 2008.

Kate Winslet won for The Reader in 2008.  She and her (potentially cheatin') husband Sam Mendes recently announced that they were separating.

Now People is saying that Sandra Bullock's marriage is on the rocks because her husband Jesse James  may be cheatin' (read it here).  

What do you think?  Is there a curse?  Or just a lot of horny husbands in Hollywood?

This is Mrs. Amanda's Opinion on THE PACIFIC: Episode 1

I have only seen two episodes of Band of Brothers – the one where that guy goes into a building too early and gets his face blown off, and the one where they take over the concentration camp – but my husband, father and sister have watched every episode about a bazillion times and know all the lines by heart and can recognize every actor on the spot and make a little inside comments about them and are superduper Americans. I, on the other hand, have a hard time motivating to watch 10 or so episodes where people get their faces blown off and millions of Jews die in a holocaust. That’s just me.

For Your Entertainment: North Dakota Flood Watch 2010 Part III

It's another beautiful (and warm) day in the neighborhood, which means that the snow is melting and the  Red River is rising.  Here are today's photos.  Click on them to see them full-scale.  Compare them to Monday's here, and Tuesday's here.  As you will see in the second photo, they have started installing the temporary flood wall panels.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

For Your Entertainment: ND Flood Watch 2010 Bridge Closings

There are three bridges that connect Grand Forks, ND and East Grand Forks, MN.  Apparently, they are closing the Point and Sorlie Bridges on Thursday in anticipation of the rising Red River, meaning that the Kennedy Bridge will be our only way to cross into EGF.

This Is Your Opinion on THE PACIFIC: Episode 1

Like the rest of the Band of Brothers-watching world, I was beside myself with excitement over the impending HBO mini-series, The Pacific. As has been the case these last few days, I completely missed the premiere due an all-encompassing attachment to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.


Considering that I work in marketing, I have absolutely no ability to retain names.  This translates to a lot of awkward social events (You know: "!"), and a lot of me pointing at the television screen and shouting, "Hey!  It's that guy!" when I recognize someone's face but cannot put it to a name.

This happened last night while watching the "Crisp" episode (ep 1x2) of How To Make It In America.  Thanks to IMDB, I now know that it was Griffin Dunne who guest starred as Ben Epstein's former professor.  Griffin has worked steadily since 1975 (and is a lead character on the show Trust Me), but I remembered him from the Macaulay-Culkin-bee-stinger known as My Girl.

This Is Your Opinion on HOW TO MAKE IT IN AMERICA: Episode 2

To ease our post-Olympic hangover, AK and I DVR'd several episodes of How To Make It In America, and are just now getting around to watching them. We really enjoyed the Pilot and are forging ahead with the rest of the episodes we currently have on hand.

For Your Entertainment: North Dakota Flood Watch 2010 Part II

While Massachusetts washes away, here are today's photos of our own, and much less interesting, little floody-flood flood.  You can compare them to yesterday here (click to view them at full-scale).

Monday, March 15, 2010

For Your Entertainment: North Dakota Flood Watch 2010

Kyle and I live in Grand Forks, ND, which is probably best known for the Flood and Fire of 1997.  You can read all about it here and here and see pictures of it here.

It's springtime, which means...

This Is Your Opinion On What I Saw This Week

Courtesy of Kyle:

Big Bang Theory- Good episode, not great. It had a very "sitcom" type feel that has been absent from other episodes. Nice touch with the ring though, timely.

How To Make It In America- Finally got around to watching this one on Tuesday, due to yet another LOST Tuesday night. V can't start up soon enough. HTMIIA was excellent and we are going to be reviewing the rest of the episodes this week. Very good show and easy to get hooked on.

Friday, March 12, 2010


Today's TV Crossover is a little different than usual (see here and here).  You may have seen Judy Greer on this week's Modern Family, where she played Jay's old high school girlfriend, Denise.  

But Judy has also appeared on many of our other favorite shows, including:

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bonus Screencap-tion Contest of the Week (with a Fabulous Prize)!

These were all so good that we had a tough, tough time choosing a winner...but we did, and so WE HAVE A WINNER!  Congratulations to sarahbones with:
Kahlan: Hahahah. You fight with a popsicle?
Cara: Yes. Wanna taste? *puts on her arm*
Sarah, please send me your episode selection/email address via the contact link on the right side of this blog.  And everyone else, please come back on Friday for the next Screencap-tion Contest!
This week's bonus screencap-tion contest comes courtesy of Legend of the Seeker episode 2x11 "Torn." In honor of LotS's current fight for a third season, we are giving away one iTunes episode of the show (you pick) to the person who can beat our caption for the photo below by Monday, March 15. Good luck!

 In the epic battle of good vs. evil, the boobs always win. 

Mrs. Amanda Recaps CRIMINAL MINDS (Episode 5x17 "A Solitary Man")

Before we get to this episode’s recap, here are some casting notes from my sister Erica (one of the show’s Casting Associates – more from her here and here):

This is Your Opinion on How To Make It in America

AK and I finally sat down last night and watched the pilot of How to Make It in America, the new-ish HBO comedy? that we had DVR'd ages ago. As you may have guessed, we weren't particularly excited about it and had passed it over several times for the Olympics, old episodes of Tosh.0 and even a re-run of Cougar Town.

To save you the needless strain of scrolling to the end, we liked it. Shot with the same feel and realistic New Yorky-ness of Bored to Death, How to Make It In America stars Bryan Greenberg as Ben Epstein (that's right, a guy with a stereotypically Jewish name playing a guy with a stereotypically Jewish name) and Victor Rasuk as Cam Calderon, both 20-something slacker types with no apparent ambition other than to strike it rich and hating "the man".

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Screencap-tion Contest of the Week (with a Fabulous Prize)!

WE HAVE A WINNER!  Congratulations to tweak0627 with:
The Mother Confessor is here for whatever support the Seeker may need.
Tweak, please send me your episode selection via the contact link on the right side of this blog.  And everyone else, please send in your entries for the next Screencap-tion Contest!

This week's screencap-tion contest comes courtesy of Legend of the Seeker episode 2x5 "Wizard."  In honor of LotS's current fight for a third season, we are giving away one iTunes episode of the show to the person who can beat our caption for the photo below by Friday, March 12.  Good luck!

 RICHARD: "I've been lifting tree stumps to bulk up.  Check out these pecs!"
KAHLAN: "Ooooooooooooh!"

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Mrs. Amanda Recaps THE BIG BANG THEORY (Episode 3x17 "The Precious Fragmentation")

One of Gary Larson’s Far Side Comics goes something like this: 
A bunch of television writers are sitting around a table. The caption: “The weekly brainstorming session for Bewitched.” One of the writers says, “…And then Endora places a spell on Darrin, and no one knows what’s going on until Samantha figures it out!” At the end of the table, one of his compatriots agrees with a tiny thought bubble that reads, “I like it.” 

I imagine The Big Bang Theory has a similar process. I can just picture the writers going down the following checklist as they make up the script: 

Ode to Our Bucket

As you may have guessed, AK and I attend a lot of movies. It is one of the few consistent forms of entertainment in our town, it's cheap, and it's close to our house. Win-win-win. Even if the movie is terrible, we still like going and we still like the popcorn.

This summer, our local theatre (Carmike Cinemas, our favourite) was offering a deal. Buy this commemorative Jonas Brothers bucket for $9.00, and bring it back anytime and get it filled for only a buck. As any movie-goer knows, that is a pretty hefty savings over the regular price of theatre popcorn.

I am sure Carmike figured that since it featured the Jonas Brothers, people would buy it for their daughters (or sons who still haven't grasped the finer points of throwing a spiral) and it would soon be lost amongst the clutter of pre-teen life.

Ha. Little did they know the lengths that we would go to get cheap popcorn. At this point we almost feel bad bringing it back, as we have likely taken Carmike for hundreds of dollars now. Shame on us, basically stealing food from the mouths of little Carmike babies.

We have been dutifully toting that bucket around for 7 months, to good movies and bad. Through sunshine, rain and show. Our little bucket can take any tripe that Hollywood throws at it, and come back for more. Want to re-make the Karate Kid while Ralph Macchio lives? Go ahead, Bucket is ready. Ferngully...I mean Avatar in 3-D? Sure, Bucket laughs at your demonization of corporations. Old people in a love triangle? No problem, Bucket gets horny when it sees Alec Baldwin shirtless.

Long story short, we love our Bucket. It's a true friend, and we look forward to taking it out of the closet (pun intended) every weekend. So til the next time AK asks me what I want to do Sunday afternoon, and I reply, "Awww Bucket, lets go to the movies," I bid you good-day.

Monday, March 8, 2010

We Salute You, Guest Actor Sarah Baker!

We were going to post this last week, but it literally took us all weekend to figure out the name of this chick because The Office DOESN'T LIST THEIR ACTORS ON IMDB.  Seriously, Office.

On last week's episode of The Office ("The Delivery") Sarah Baker played the hilariously sarcastic maternity ward nurse.  Her best line (when she tells Pam and Jim she can give their baby a bottle in the nursery):
PAM: "Oh, no, I read in the book about nipple confusion."
SARAH: "Oh, good.  You know everything."

Good work, Sarah Baker.

Hot Guys I (Amanda) Sometimes Forget About

Kyle and I go through Law & Order phases.  We'll watch two reruns a night for 6 months, and then get tired of it and take six months off.  So, basically, we come out square.  While watching this week's Saturday Night Live, I realized that I had forgotten that Jeremy Sisto was on the show.  He's a fine piece of man.  Here he is on SNL:

PS - Did you see Paul Rudd on SNL this week?  Huh?  Didja?

This is Your Opinion - Correction

Since I am now late-middle-aged and prone to forgetfulness, I somehow forgot 90 minutes of my Saturday night. The last time that happened, I was in college and woke up in my friend's flower bed smelling like a skanky French girl.

Anyways, I also watch SNL last week and liked it. You should too. Zach Galifianakis hosted and did an admirable job, the highlight being the Digital Short. My biggest dislikes were the opening sequence (the real President Obama is funnier) and the length of the Weekend Update. I think Seth Myers would do better if he shortened the news and just kept the best material.

I am also left wondering about Jenny Slate. Is she a 3 or is she a 8-? I just can't tell. I would appreciate some help on this one.

Mrs. Amanda Recaps THE 2010 OSCARS

When I was about 8 years old, I fell madly in love with the Oscars. I loved the clothes, the excitement, the speeches, the reactions, the movies, the whole shebang. I taped them every year for over a decade, and would watch them back the way other people would watch family videos. I loved them so much that I actually chose my college major (Public Relations) because I (then) wanted to one day be the one to plan the awards show. I know, it’s all very weird. We all know I wasn’t, and am currently not, cool.

But cool or not, there is no one who knows more about the Oscars than me. Seriously.