Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Caption Contest: Part Deux

AK and I decided to run our caption contests on weekends, but I came across (not literally) this picture on the internets today, and wanted to get some caption action going.

I am still thinking of my witty caption, but I encourage our reader(s)? to throw out your best ideas as to what Prime Minister Harper is saying to Sidney Crosby. I found the photo on the Cape Bretoner blog, and I believe it is from the Prime Minister's office.


  1. KK's Captions:

    PMSH: Did you see that douche Layton watching the game at Gretzky's with his hat on backwards?

    Sid: No sir.

    PMSH: True story.

    Sid: Cool story bro.

  2. KK Caption 2:

    PMSH: I guarantee I won't let Parliament start til we find your gloves and stick.

  3. PMSH: You had me a little worried there after the first US game.

    SC: It was all part of the plan.

    PMSH: Yeah, but don't you see the sign? LEAVE NO DOUBT.