Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ode to Our Bucket

As you may have guessed, AK and I attend a lot of movies. It is one of the few consistent forms of entertainment in our town, it's cheap, and it's close to our house. Win-win-win. Even if the movie is terrible, we still like going and we still like the popcorn.

This summer, our local theatre (Carmike Cinemas, our favourite) was offering a deal. Buy this commemorative Jonas Brothers bucket for $9.00, and bring it back anytime and get it filled for only a buck. As any movie-goer knows, that is a pretty hefty savings over the regular price of theatre popcorn.

I am sure Carmike figured that since it featured the Jonas Brothers, people would buy it for their daughters (or sons who still haven't grasped the finer points of throwing a spiral) and it would soon be lost amongst the clutter of pre-teen life.

Ha. Little did they know the lengths that we would go to get cheap popcorn. At this point we almost feel bad bringing it back, as we have likely taken Carmike for hundreds of dollars now. Shame on us, basically stealing food from the mouths of little Carmike babies.

We have been dutifully toting that bucket around for 7 months, to good movies and bad. Through sunshine, rain and show. Our little bucket can take any tripe that Hollywood throws at it, and come back for more. Want to re-make the Karate Kid while Ralph Macchio lives? Go ahead, Bucket is ready. Ferngully...I mean Avatar in 3-D? Sure, Bucket laughs at your demonization of corporations. Old people in a love triangle? No problem, Bucket gets horny when it sees Alec Baldwin shirtless.

Long story short, we love our Bucket. It's a true friend, and we look forward to taking it out of the closet (pun intended) every weekend. So til the next time AK asks me what I want to do Sunday afternoon, and I reply, "Awww Bucket, lets go to the movies," I bid you good-day.

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