Friday, March 19, 2010

Screencap-tion Contest of the Week!

I had to ask a co-worker to pick this one because I was on the fence about 3 of them.  So, WE HAVE A WINNER!  Congratulations to aimsleydale with:

Oh God Richard, please stop talking about your wig.  No one can tell it's a piece, jeez.
Aimsleydale, please send me your episode selection/email address via the contact link on the right side of this blog.  And everyone else, please come back on Friday for the next Screencap-tion Contest!

This week's screencap-tion contest comes courtesy of Legend of the Seeker episode 1x18 "Mirror."  In honor of LotS's current fight for a third season, we are giving away one iTunes episode of the show to the person who can beat our caption for the photo below by Monday, March 22.  Good luck!

(Oh, and if you don't watch Seeker, click here to learn why you should).

BRIDGET: Ugh, I should have stuck to Broadway.


  1. "Kahlan" : *uh,all this up & down actions,I kindda feel sick now!*

  2. Ugh. That agiel is too much. I haven't pooped in a week.

  3. Kahlan: Uh, I cant believe Im stuck in here with Richard instead of Cara.

  4. hahaha all good ones! xD

    Kahlan: Our special moment seems so far away..

  5. Fake!Kahlan: Please tell me that Fake!Richard isn't banging his head on the wall AGAIN. I don't want to look.

  6. Oh god Richard, please stop talking about your wig. No-one can tell it's a piece, jeez.

  7. HA HA - these are awesome (as always)!

  8. Kahlan: can anyone give a sick bag...
    Richard: is these what being the seeker is, getting hit around...
    Kahlan: stop conplaining, i need to hurl...
    Richard: i have a major headic...

  9. Man, it's always so hard to pick a winner...

  10. Good comments and though I am late to the show, as usual, mine would have been.

    "Oh great! I'm never gonna get that Spirit House apple scene now."