Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My (Amanda)'s Mom Sent Me This Email and Guilted Me Into Posting It Because I'm a Sucker and Cry Over the Opening Credits of "Extreme Home Makeover"

I know you like to review shows for your website, but this was something on TV news last night I thought provides an interesting perspective on a couple of fronts. This police officer, Chris Dewey, was shot in the head over a year ago and has been in rehabilitation ever since. His wife wants to move him into her parents home so they can care for him, but their house needs an extreme makeover to accommodate all of the equipment and such that he needs. They have applied to ABC's Extreme Home Makeover, but have not heard anything yet.
But interestingly enough, thanks to Facebook, people have signed up to follow the story. It costs $5 to do so, and so far, they've raised $350,000 for his medical care and to help remodel the house. So they may not need ABC after all.
What's esp. touching is the fact that this couple is about to celebrate their third wedding anniversary. She's hoping he'll be able to speak by their fourth so he can say "Happy anniversary" to her.  With this much love coming their way, miracles can and do happen.

Here's the link.

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