Tuesday, March 23, 2010

This Is Your Opinion on Sweet Movies We Forgot About: EURO TRIP

AK roped me in with the lean Michelle Trachtenberg is using.

A few years back I was in law school, which meant long, long days playing Madden and longer nights drinking and watching movies. One of our favourites was a little seen (a true crime, if you ask me) film called Euro Trip. In the spirit of the old National Lampoon Vacation movies, this gem features a trip with some exotic locales, a few game attempts at comedy, copious toplessness, a few wangs, Michelle Trachtenberg and MATT DAMON.

This looks like basically every one of my vacation photos.

The movie centres around Scott Thomas (Scott Mechlowicz) a kid who has it all. He is graduating from high school, has a hot girlfriend and is ready to party away his last summer before college. After he gets dumped by his girlfriend (who has been cheating on him with MATT DAMON. SHHHH, Scotty doesn't know) Fiona (Kristen Kreuk), he is understandably upset and drinks away the pain. Though Scott is a bit of a downer while he mopes, the after-grad party scene is epic due to Matt Damon's cameo singing "Scotty Doesn't Know", a graphic song about what he does to Fiona. Check it out here.

When he gets home, he checks his email to find a new message from his German pen-pal, Mieke (Jessica Boehrs). He thinks Mieke is short for Mike (I weep for the education system), and is a little put off by the sexual overtones of the message. Scotty sends a nasty email back and sleeps off the booze. In the morning, his little brother informs Scotty that Mieke is, in fact, a girl. A liberated German girl, no less, and one that could likely teach Scotty a thing or two.

Scotty's best friend Cooper (Jacob Pitts from The Pacific, our reviews here and here) comes to the rescue and hatches a plan to get the two of them to Europe to track down Scotty's pen pal/love conquest. The two hop a plane to Europe as couriers, where they meet up with their high-school chums Jenny (Michelle Trachtenberg) and Jamie (Travis Wester), a brother-sister duo backpacking through Europe. and the hijinks begin! From a drunken party with British soccer hooligans (If you're not a Manc, you're a Wank!), to beating down some Frenchies and mime, to some crazy sex club (Club Vandersexxx) with Zena, Warrior Princess to some absinthe fueled brother on sister make out action, the guys (and their pals) do Europe right.

Despite Scotty constantly worrying about whether or not Mieke is getting some German-on-German action, the group has some GT's romping through the Continent. Jamie gets a back-alley beej, they all find a bro-deo on a nude beach (the wangs I mentioned), Cooper and Jenny lay the seeds of romance and Scotty finally finds Mieke in Rome and bangs her at the Vatican before she leaves on a trip. Whew!

The aforementioned Mieke/Mike, while she is still clothed.

While this movie doesn't require a lot of thinking, it is still well done and enjoyable to watch, even 6 years later. It's mercifully not in 3-D, there are several cameos (Fred Armisen, Lucy Lawless,Vinnie Jones and Jeffrey Tambor) that make the make the movie (especially Fred Armisen as the creepy Italian) and lots of boobs. The movie was shot on location in Europe, and I recommend it to anyone wanting to kill a couple of hours.

I reward it 3 out of 5 law-school Handies.

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