Thursday, March 18, 2010

Ten Reasons To Watch Legend of the Seeker

Kyle and I love the show Legend of the Seeker, and we can’t figure out why more people (including our real-life FRIENDS, who are stupidfaces) don’t watch it. Maybe because it plays on Saturday afternoons? Maybe because the title doesn’t include the word “CSI?”

Whatever the reason, we think you – YOU, our lovely readers – should give it a try. Here are ten reasons why you should tune into Legend of the Seeker (ABC Saturdays at 5:00pm EST): 

1. If you like The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter, this show is for you. It has all of the elements of a good story: Adventure, romance, magic, and an evil wizard trying to take over the world.
 There’s even a quest!  Does Scrubs have a quest?  Nope.

2. You won’t see better special effects anywhere on television.
Nifty. Scary.

3. The fight scenes are insane. To see what I'm talking about, click here for a stunt preview of episode 2x17.

4. I’m a heterosexual woman, and even I think the ladies in this show are hot. Plus, they are strong, interesting characters, and not just wussy girls. 
 Kyle wanted me to replace the word heterosexual with bi-curious. Sorry, Kyle.

5. On that same line, there are at least 4 pairs of boobs each week, and Craig Horner takes his shirt off just about every-other episode.
This is an actual screencap from the show.  Seriously.

6. You gotta love the costumes and the sets. 
The show is filmed in New Zealand, which is much prettier than, say, Cedar Rapids, IA.

7. The shows are based on a series of novels, which means you can tell all of your stuck-up friends that you watch it for the cultural aspect. 
You can also tell them that you read Playboy for the articles and go to Hooters for the wings.
PS – this photo is from Writer Mike Sussman’s Twitter Page

8. Seriously, who is out on Saturdays at 5pm? And if you are, what are you doing? And why don’t you have DVR?
They should just rename it Napday.

9. The first season is available on DVD/Netflix/iTunes, so you can catch up easily…unlike The Pacific.

10. It’s not a police, legal or medical drama, there aren’t any melodramatic 20-somethings, and none of the characters work in an office. I know, it’s unbelievable that there are other storylines out there.
Barney is the only good character, anyways.

Seekerfans, did I forget anything?


UPDATE: One of our awesome readers reminded me of another sweet-ass reason to watch LotS (another bonus - if you watch the show, you get to use the nickname) - the fans!  They are super-dedicated and a lot of fun...and hilarious.  Out of all of the shows that we watch, I like the LotS fans the best.  Here are my two favorite sites to read up on all of Seeker goss:

  • Confessor and Seeker Society
    • This was the first Seeker website I visited after I started watching the show, and I think I spent two hours on here on that premiere visit.  My favorite sections are the 1) spoilers and 2) picture bombs.  You can get just about any Seeker info here - even pictures of Craig Horner's fan mail responses and ideas on how to make Kahlan's dress for Halloween.
  • Deej's Cracky LotS Episode Recaps 
    • I can't even remember how I found this site.  I think it was when Bridget Regan tweeted that she liked it.  I honestly check her site incessantly after each episode until she posts the recap.  They are poop-your-pants funny.
Send me your must-read Seeker sites and I'll post them here.


  1. "There’s even a quest! Does Scrubs have a quest? Nope."

    "I’m a heterosexual woman"
    ah!I remember last year...when I still was heterosexual too...then came Kahlan... u_u lol *GFK*

    "Seekerfans, did I forget anything?"
    The fandom!!!!!!you forget our WONDERFUL fandom!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. You are totally right! The fandom really is the very best part! I'm going to amend my post...give me 20 minutes.

  3. is a good lots site for sure.