Monday, March 15, 2010

This Is Your Opinion On What I Saw This Week

Courtesy of Kyle:

Big Bang Theory- Good episode, not great. It had a very "sitcom" type feel that has been absent from other episodes. Nice touch with the ring though, timely.

How To Make It In America- Finally got around to watching this one on Tuesday, due to yet another LOST Tuesday night. V can't start up soon enough. HTMIIA was excellent and we are going to be reviewing the rest of the episodes this week. Very good show and easy to get hooked on.

The Middle- The Axl Gets a Girlfriend episode was well done. The girl actually looked like she might be still familiar with high school, and the reaction of the mother was just as I remember it. Apprehensive about the supposed tramp followed up with a brief connection and right back to loathing when she broke up with Axl.

Modern Family- There is always a lot going on during these episodes, and this one was no different. Cam and Mitchell had some good scenes, as did Manny and Jay. The best part, by far, was watching Phil try to to deal with the visit from his ex-girlfriend Denise (Judy Greer). He is at his best when trying to talk a smooth game and not being able to follow it up with his actions. I am left wondering why no ex-gf's of mine come to the house with extra hotel keys? Is AK that scary?

Cougar Town- Against all the ods, I/we continue to like and watch this show. I am not sure if its gender pride or an aversion to excessive plastic surgery, but for my money its the guys who make this show. Dan Byrd, Ian Gomez and Brian Van Holt are the proverbial straws stirring the drink. Josh Hopkins is ok too, but can be a little meh.

Parks and Rec- Do I need say much more than Ron #$%@# Swanson? His mini-battle with Brandanowitz was classic, though the attempts to catch the possum were comical as well. The evolving relationship between Andy and April provides a nice wrinkle to the series.

The Office- Ahhh. Things are back to normal. Dwight and Jim are playing pranks, though I suppose Dwight seems to have more sinister motives. Michael is painfully awkward and the rest of the group fills in the gaps nicely. I respect that the writers tried some new things, but this show has a formula that works.

30 Rock- I am pleased to see that Alec Baldwin is getting more screen time. I know this is a Tina Fey vehicle, but her sad sack routine can wear thin for an entire episode. Jack Donaghey is a man's man, and the way he treats those around him, especially Jonathan, is fun to watch. Elizabeth Banks is doing a stellar turn as Jack's love interest du jour.

Unfortunately, thats it for the week. We were up in the wilds of Canada through the weekend, so we missed The Soup and SNL. Check back later today for our review of The Pacific.

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