Monday, March 8, 2010

This Is Your Opinion On What I Saw This Week

Big Bang Theory- See the blog. Liked it.

On Tuesday I saw nothing. Ease back on the Lost, ABC. More Better Off Ted and V, svp.

Modern Family- Awesome once again. Cam (Eric Lonestreet) is by far my favourite and steals almost every episode. I want to steal all of his shirts, in a super-straight way. The Dad/Phil and Luke were pretty good in this episode as well, and Luke looks a little like a young and thin Chunk.

The Middle- Good times. See the blog.

Cougar Town- A Courtney Cox vehicle that is funny because of the supporting cast. Still like it. That doesn't make me a bad person.

Parks and Rec- Ron F#$%#in' Swanson. Best show on Thursday nights when The League is on hiatus. In a perfect world, Ron Swanson and Jack Donaghey from 30 Rock would both run for President of the United States, guaranteeing we would have the raddest f@#%in' President of all time. After pooping their pants, our enemies would move to America and open small businesses in Pawnee. That is the power of the Swanson.

The Office- Nice comeback episode. The nurse was the best part, and I like Dwight being Dwight. Well played, writers.

The Soup Awards- Pretty funny throughout, good guest spots, but if McHale makes fun of Canadians one more time, its on. Nice to show them with the GOLD MEDALS though. I hope that silver tastes bitter.

Alice in Wonderland- I like the accents and Anne Hathaway. That's about it. Would it have killed the White Queen to rock a wet t-shirt for a while?

Shutter Island- I liked the accents and the camera work. In our town, there is a nice old lady who reviews restaurants for the local paper. Being a nice old lady, she never wants to say anything bad about anything, so if she doesn't like a restaurant, she will say nice things about the salt and pepper shakers or the cutlery. That's how I feel about Shutter Island. A nice homage to the cheese of M. Night Shamalan.

The Oscars- I saw about 5 minutes. Baldwin and Martin were excellent in the brief time I saw them, and I am happy The Hurt Locker won. Does Mo'Nique consider herself a serious actress now? Will she do VH1's "I Love the '90's"? I am still trying to talk AK down from her irrational dislike of Miley Cyrus and new fetish for Zac Efron. Thanks a lot Academy. Jerkfaces.

If you want something more in depth, ask AK.

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