Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mrs. Amanda Picture Recaps V (Espisode 1x5 "Welcome to the War")

V IS BACK!  Here is what happened in the latest episode:

Father Jack (Joel Gretsch) graciously gets stabbed in the stomach in episode 4 in order to quickly bring us up to speed in episode 5 as to what is good and what is bad.

FBI Agent Erica Evans (Elizabeth Mitchell) ignores the fact that her son has a high school friend who uses (almost) proper grammar and punctuation in his instant messages.

When stabbing a V in the heart, remember righty-tighty, not lefty-loosey.

Valerie (Lourdes Benedicto) is pregnant with a half-vampire alien, which means she has the typical egg-and-dead-mouse cravings.

RYAN (Morris Chestnut): You're going to storm the V ship with two handguns and your little red jacket and take back your son?
RYAN: Good idea.  I'll stay here and try to revive this guy, because that's equally as stupid as your plan.

Tyler (Logan Huffman) proves that boys will do anything for a hot girl.

EMILY: You're holding my minor-age, runaway child hostage on this ship.  I want him back.
MARCUS (Christopher Shyer): But he wants to be here.  See, look at this hologram of him.
EMILY: Oh, okay.  I feel 100% appeased and satiated.

When V's have evil discussions, they have to stand in a wide stance.
(What is she looking at?)

This lady is a doctor and she figures out that the R6 compound is a tracking device.  Turns out, those boots mean business.

"Chad, you aren't currently dying, but you may be someday.  So....yeah."

Of course alien fingerprint analysis will hold up in court.  Thanks for wasting our time helping us out!

Seriously, what is she looking at?  Does she have an evil plan whiteboard or something that we're not seeing?

ANNA: "We're a super-friendly alien race.  Now knock back a piece of this potentially-poisonous sushi before we perform brain surgery on you."

If you're looking for America's #1 terrorist, you don't have to look any farther than this convenient database.

And not to worry - said #1 terrorist will totally buzz up a FBI agent to his apartment and not check to see if she's coming up with a buddy.

Who doesn't hug their priest like that?
(Btw, he's fine - he's just having his every moment tracked by the Vs.  But besides that, fine.)

 Somehow this convinces our terrorist to join the resistance.  It also reminded me to order more contacts.

TYLER: Mom, I'll never leave you.
EMILY: Well, one day you will, when you go to college and later get married.
EMILY: Oh...good.

Want to have sex with Anna?  This is what you need.

Oh, yeah - and be prepared to be eaten up afterward.  And not in a good way.