Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Screencap-tion Contest of the Week (with a Fabulous Prize)!

WE HAVE A WINNER!  Congratulations to tweak0627 with:
The Mother Confessor is here for whatever support the Seeker may need.
Tweak, please send me your episode selection via the contact link on the right side of this blog.  And everyone else, please send in your entries for the next Screencap-tion Contest!

This week's screencap-tion contest comes courtesy of Legend of the Seeker episode 2x5 "Wizard."  In honor of LotS's current fight for a third season, we are giving away one iTunes episode of the show to the person who can beat our caption for the photo below by Friday, March 12.  Good luck!

 RICHARD: "I've been lifting tree stumps to bulk up.  Check out these pecs!"
KAHLAN: "Ooooooooooooh!"


  1. The Mother Confessor here for whatever support the Seeker may need.

  2. Tweak, that made me laugh out loud at work. HILARIOUS.

  3. Richard: "My pecs are ala natural!"
    Kahlan: "Really? Let me feel. Ooohhh."
    Cara: "Hmph. You think those are nice, you should feel mine."

  4. Ill give one a try:

  5. Man, this is going to be a laugh-out-loud kind of day for me. Thanks, Romani and Melanie! Keep'em coming!

  6. Richard: GRRRR. I TELL YA! THEY DON'T GIVE MILK. Kahlan, squeeze ma boob.
    Kahlan: Incredible! Tested and actually true! Let me check again *squeeze*
    Cara: I want me some too! *gets bored in the back*

  7. Just 'cause I love doing these!

    Red Head: I suggest we let the Mother Confessor be the judge.
    Richard: Fine, my boobs are not only stronger but perkier! You'll see!
    Cara: *epic eyeroll* That's not what Kahlan told me last night

  8. BWAHAHAH Oh Jen you xD

  9. Shota : I've read a new Prophecy : "1 year by now, the one who's holding the Sword of Truth will have to suffer a spell that'll make him loose his hairs"

    Richard : *scared to death* "What, no, not my hairs!This can't be true, this is one of your trick again!Kahlan,I'm going to shut her down once and for all!!!!"

    Kahlan : *with her sweetest voice* "Calm down hon', we'll find a solution...Maybe Zedd will know what to do.If not, I'll still love you bald-headed".

    Cara : *trying to imagine Richard with a new hair-c., er bald or with a blonde wig* Kahlan, You're sure... *toning down her voice* you could...?Really? *not my business anyway* Gosh,I'm hungry...

  10. This are too good. We're going to have to make this a daily thing. I'll have to find one with a good *epic eyeroll.*

  11. Shota: "all fans talk about your front abs...but what about the back ones???if they don't speak about them...there is a reason....don't you think so,Richard?"
    Richard: *grrrrrrr...*
    Kahlan: *put her hand on Richard' chest in order to stop him.......and to test his front-abs .... while her other hand is....testing if Shota is right*
    Cara: *is having naughty thoughts about....Richard? no!about Kahlan?YEP!*

  12. Shota: You travel the countryside with two gorgeous woman, and nothing has happened?
    Richard: How DARE you?!?!
    Cara: Don't look at me, I've tried, he's the one who says no.

  13. eviltwin531...LMAO!!!! XD
    I can imagine Cara saying that sentence!!! XD

  14. Richard, fresh from acting classes at the Learning Annex-Midlands, really tries to get into his part as Victim #1 in the Confessor's Sexual Harassment Seminar.

  15. As we all know, weird things happen in this serie...above all when Zedd isn't around!
    The night before,while Richard was sleeping, Cara and Kahlan were having some "girly-moments" *cough* if you know what this pic means *cough*.
    Richard woke up suddenly and ,since he heard odd sounds, decided to take a look! but it was dark and he wasn't able to see properly all around him... so happened that he went near Cara&Kahan(who,too "busy" didn't notice him!)and ....TADAAAAA!!! he was touched by Cara's Agiel + Kahlan's hand =he got trained+confessed at the same time!!!!(who wouldn't like to have 2 Mistress like C&K,eh!?!XD). The 2girl were confused and decided to ask Zedd(when the "young-Zedd"- matter will be solved!) what to do; so they went to sleep(and this time for real!).
    The day after, in the morning, the met Shota and the little pet(Richard) immediately understood there were troubles so, without hesiting, railet at Shota, snarling.
    Kahlan: *sweet quiet voice* "shhhhh...sit......!"

    ok..ok...I know that's a weird story...I have to live with my mind everyday so...I'm sorry for her :P

  16. That picture is A.W.E.S.O.M.E.

  17. Mrs. Amanda: she is it! but that's not made by me! I took from L-J(from the GFK community)...I can't remember who made it actually!(but I can find it out if you want) :)

  18. Kahlan: We're here to try and sell you, you're very own Sword of Truth. Not only does it slice and dice but it also gives you great cleavage!

    *psst* Richard give the lady a smile or we'll never get rid of the rest of these.

    Might not be a screenshot but here's an epic eyeroll gif!

  19. Richard: "Are you telling me that I went through all this trouble to find the Stone of Tears and ALL I get is a lousy t-shirt??"

    Kahlan: "Calm down Richard, we'll find a sheep for you to hug at the next village."

  20. Nice shout-out to Craig's sheep fetish. :)