Friday, April 16, 2010

Hot Girls I Did Not Forget About

Amanda has been running an irregular series of posts whenever she seems a handsome fellow on television that she forgot existed. In the spirit of things, I am going to also run irregular posts about hot chicks I didn't forget about. My memory is excellent.

The first contenders are two young ladies from across the Atlantic. Crystal and Charline from the Windows 7 commercials. Crystal, who is English and Charline, French, grace two of the Windows ads that are both clever and appealing. Mainly because they aren't Macs.

Lets take a look at Crystal first:

Very lovely. Pip, pip and all that.

And now Charline:

Magnifique! Tres belle.

These two are obviously very lovely and seemingly computer savvy. So, since the State Department no longer wishes to have a special relationship with neither France nor Britain, I wills step up to the plate in the name of foreign relations. I would like be the English Channel to these girls, Crystal representing the UK and Charline representing France. I can be the buffer between the two, connecting them in ways only geography can imagine. I would caress their, ahem, shores, provide a Chunnel between the two and gently bring the two together with Crystal's white Dover cliffs teasing the inviting beachs of Calais. Feel free to see through my double geography entendre.

The ball's in your court ladies.

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