Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Quote from THE BIG BANG THEORY (Episode 3x19 "The Wheaton Recurrence")

SHELDON: Perhaps he’s at a sensitive point in his menstrual cycle. 
WOLOWITZ: Are you saying he’s man-struating? 

KOOTHRAPPALI: Big or small, I don’t like rabbits. They always look like they are about to say something, but they never do. 
SHELDON: Rabbits do have a respiratory system that would support great size – and, on a side note, they are one of the few mammals whose scrotum is in front of the penis. 
KOOTHRAPPALI: Maybe that’s what they want to talk about. 

WOLOWITZ: How about this for a topic: Why is Leonard being a giant douche? Assuming giant douches are possible. 
SHELDON: Of course they are. Leonard’s being one. 

STUART: Are you guys still on for bowling tonight? 
SHELDON: Oh, yes. In fact, I’ve prepared some trash talk for the occasion: You bowl like your mamma. Unless, of course, she bowls well, and then you bowl nothing like her. 

SHELDON (to Penny): In this particular case, your lack of femininity works to our advantage. 
PENNY: It’s always nice chatting with you, Sheldon. 
SHELDON: Sarcasm? 
PENNY: Thinly-veiled contempt. 
SHELDON: Remember 7:00. Pacific Daylight Time. 
PENNY: Bite me. 
SHELDON: Please reserve that butch spirit for the lanes. 

WIL WHEATON: Great, then it’s on. 
SHELDON: Foolish Wil Wheaton, it was never off. 

SHELDON: I so loathe you. 
WIL WHEATON: That’s right, Sheldon – embrace the Dark Side. 
SHELDON: That’s not even from your franchise! 

(Did I miss any?)

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