Sunday, April 25, 2010

Mrs. Amanda Recaps V In Pictures (Episode 1x8 "We Can't Win")

Our heroes are shocked, SHOCKED to find out that their "John May Lives" message has gotten 6 members of the Fifth Column killed and a list of members into the hands of the V.  Fortunately, one guy escaped, though - so no harm, no foul.

Lisa and her perky boobs fail the empathy test thanks to all the dry-humping with Tyler.

Anna brings Chad along to the World Progress Forum in Switzerland, where he gets to ask pithy questions up close instead of behind this banister like the other media peons.

See?  Realllllly up close.  Like "invading personal space" close.

ERICA: "Yesterday you were just a school teacher.  Well, yesterday I was just a FBI agent."

Unlike Chad, the head of the World Progress Forum isn't having any of Anna's sushi.

Dear Diary, Tyler and I finally DID IT today.  I was super into it (no pun intended).  Although when he asked if I was okay with it beforehand, I said no.  Is that sending a mixed message?  Hugs and kisses, Lisa

A monsoon conveniently hits Timbal and Anna saves the day using her Blue Energy.  The moral of the story?  Global warming is caused by aliens.

Anna offers the world a new free, clean and renewable energy source.  Something tells me someone forgot to tell this guy not to clap.

Reason #254 why aliens are able to easily take over our planet: After running out on Ryan, Valerie goes to a V healing center to check on her baby.

Reason #255 why aliens are able to easily take over our planet: In order to keep more Fifth Columners from being killed, the group decides to use Alex (the teacher who escaped at the beginning) as bait.  Guess what happens to Alex?

 Reason #256 why aliens are able to easily take over our planet: The guy killing the Fifth Columners is a human.

This sweet little mother-daughter smushin' babies moment is brought to you by Hallmark.

Joshua doesn't rat out Lisa's empathy test to Anna in return for a spaceship ride favor.

Although Ryan is able to rescue Valerie from the health center, the Vs now know about whatever is going on here.

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  1. You can tell that this story is fiction because the Secretary General of the UN acts completely reasonable and went 30 whole seconds without saying something negative about Israel or the US.