Tuesday, April 13, 2010

This is Your Opinion of HOW TO MAKE IT IN AMERICA, Episode 7

Episode 7, Keep on Truckin', is noteworthy because it sees the guys come tantalizingly close to realizing their dream of getting Crisp off the ground and because it dashes those dreams in a heartbeat.

The good news/bad news feel of this episode was a lot of fun. The guys found all the shirts they needed and had them printed. Good. They don't have enough money to pay Rene. Bad. The Japanese buyer tells Cam that if the shirts sell well enough, he will order some hoodies. Good. Rene forces the guys to peddle Rasta Monsta to pay off their debt. Bad. Rene has a chance to meet with the owner of Rasta Monsta to discuss securing the North American rights. Good. Rene's parole officer catches the thugs smoking up in Rene's office and insists on coming to the meeting. Bad.

The entire episode goes like this, even the Rachel-Darren scenario. Rachel has some misgivings about moving in with Darren. Good. Darren offers Rachel and Edie the chance to design his hotel. Bad (for Rachel). Rachel doesn't like this. Bad. Edie threatens Rachel and warns her not to screw the deal up. Bad. Come to think of it, Episode 7 was mostly bad for Rachel...

Despite all that goes on, things are looking up for the guys as they wait in a diner for their 10pm meeting/shirt drop off. Good, until they look out the window as see the Rasta Monsta truck (and the shirts) being stolen. Bad. Back to square one for the founders of Crisp.

Of all the episodes, I think this one might be my favorite. It has the ebb and flow of good and bad that we have seen in the episodes and characters, and it serves very well as a set up for the season finale. With so many things going on its tough to really get caught up in any one aspect, but the viewer is still eager to see how it will all fall into place, if it falls into place at all.

No pictures this time, I couldn't find a single interesting one.

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